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Welcome To Sayama-Alt

Are you tired of teaching the same old material? Do you only have 5 minutes to prepare? Do you have a one-year contract and need to impress? Well, look no further, the Sayama-ALT website is here to help.
The Sayama-ALT site is designed to provide resources and ideas for teachers of English. Most of the ideas can be adapted to meet your classes' needs. Sayama-ALT resources are all kid-tested and mother-approved*. And, they really do work! 
Most important is they are Free.  Yes, that is correct Free Teaching Resources.
So feel free to take your time and browse our site. Thank you for visiting and please tell a friend about our website!
*Kids and mothers yet to be determined
 Assistant Language Teacher Forum
The Internet meeting place for ALT all over Japan. Please join and express your ideas, opinion and experience with us at Join today! Please click the join button below.
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Do you have lesson plans, games, activities, or warm-ups that you would like to submit to Sayama-ALT? Please feel free to do so with our submit forms page. These submissions will help other teachers improve their lessons. Please share your ideas with other teachers. Submit your lesson plan today!
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"I used Sayama-Alt for the first time a month ago and I can't believe my students aren't sleeping in class anymore!"
10 year ALT, Tokorozawa, Japan

I am a proud mother of two Junior High students. Before, I didn't know that English was a school subject but since our school started using Sayama-ALT I sure do now."
*Approved Mother, Higashimurayama, Japan

"I only had two weeks left on my visa in Japan and had a demonstration lesson for a new job, so I used Sayama-ALT. Guess what? I got the job and a new visa, too!"
Former Nova Teacher, Dokodemo, Japan

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"We at are always striving to give the best quailty resources. Please tell us how we can improve our website, resources or design.  Let your opinion be heard!  Post your comments online below."

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"Online Translators - Public Enemy"
JHS New Horizon Textbook Lesson Plans
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What's New in 2012!

Article of the Month (July)
Take a look at our articles page for our series entitled "Online Translators - Public Enemy".
School Directions
Need to find an Elementary or Junior High School in Sayama? Take a look at our maps page.
Japan Train timetable
Need to find out how to get some where in Japan by train? Use this nifty tool. It gives various routes plus fare. It is great!
Come and exchange your feelings, ideas and opinions on various topics.
Online Reference (New)
Dictionary, Encyclopedia & more. It is packed with idioms, acronyms, thesaurus and much more. Check it out here!


'Upcoming Events and News'
Sayama Winter English Festival would like to thank all of the ATs, HTs, volunteers, the ALTs themselves, the Sayama BOE, all the kids who participated, mums, dads, and our neighbors' cats... for the wonderful experience we all created for the Sayama City Winter English Festival 2010! The kids' performances were really excellent, and their level of English, the polish of their practice and their obvious enjoyment were especially amazing this year. They did themselves proud!

Resources Improvements
At Sayama-ALT we realize there have been a few problems with some of the resources on our resources pages. This is natural when you have the number of submissions and submitters and very little standardization, but we have found that some of the resources are unusable without a lot of serious tweaking in their present state. As a result we are currently undertaking the enormous task of editing and standardizing the formats and contents of the resources, as well as relabeling the file names, activity instructions and link descriptions in Japanese AND English so JTEs and ATs have an equal chance to use the resources when they are in a hurry. This will take a lot of time, so we ask for your patience! Please continue using that section, and please continue mailing us whenever you find problems with the resources, as well as sending in your own activities and taking part in our active discussions on the forum. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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